Classroom Roles

Classroom Roles


Peer Teacher BIOL 2200

The Department of Biology is looking for enthusiastic students to act as peer teachers for BIOL 2200 for the Fall 2023 semester. Peer teachers provide crucial support for teaching assistants during lab activities. As a peer teacher, you will answer questions, provide encouragement, and help create a welcoming and engaging environment in the lab. Peer teaching is also a stepping-stone to applying for undergraduate teaching positions in introductory biology.

Peer teachers provide support for one lab section per week and will work closely with a TA to prepare and run lab activities. All applicants must have completed BIOL 2100 at UVA and received at least a B+ in the course. No teaching experience is necessary. Previous peer teachers will need to re-apply for consideration this Fall. Peer teachers will be awarded a $350 fellowship for their teaching contributions.

To apply for the peer teacher program, please visit the following website and complete the short application form.

Applications for Fall 2023 must be received by August 1st. Any questions about the application process can be directed Dr. Jessamyn Manson ([email protected]).

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) BIOL 2100 & 2200

The Department of Biology is looking for motivated and enthusiastic students to be undergraduate teachings assistants (UTAs) for Intro Bio (BIOL 2100 and 2200) in the 2022-2023 academic year. UTAs are a critical component of the Intro Bio teaching team. UTAs are responsible for leading labs on a wide range of topics and participating in this program is an excellent way to gain teaching and leadership experience while mentoring the next generation of UVA Biology students. This position pays $15/hour for up to 10 hours of work per week. Responsibilities include teaching 1-2 lab sections per week, attending a weekly training meeting on Fridays at 2pm and light grading. Some online pedagogical training may also be required. Preferred candidates will have been peer teachers for both BIOL 2100 and 2200.

Candidates for Intro Bio UTA positions should:

  • Have taken both BIOL 2100 and 2200 at UVA
  • Be rising 3rd or 4th year students
  • Be majoring in science/math/engineering
  • Have time available for at least one lab and weekly lab meeting
  • Preferably have peer teaching, peer coaching or other teaching experience
  • Preferably be available for both Fall and Spring semesters

You can apply to be UTA in Intro Biology by visiting this website and completing the application. You will be asked to upload a 1-page resume and your unofficial transcript, as well as write a 250-word statement describing your interest in becoming an Intro Bio UTA.

The application deadline is July 15th.

Feel free to email Dr. Jessamyn Manson ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


Teaching Assistant CHEM 1410

Note: The deadline to apply to work as a Teaching Assistant for Chemistry 1410 for the Fall 2023 semester has passed, positions for the spring will be advertised here as they open.

Position Description

Chem 1410 Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) work to support students and instructional faculty in the classroom and are a resource for students outside the classroom during weekly Help Center hours. TAs also periodically provide feedback on and grading of select student assignments.


Students who apply to be a TA should:

  • Be a full time student and have earned a B+ or higher average in Chem 1410 and/or Chem 1420 or an equivalent course.

  • Be able to work an estimated minimum 5 hours per week and occasionally a required 7 hours a week: Required time commitments are office hours (2 hrs), 2 class meetings (2.5 hrs), and a weekly meeting (0.5 hour). Occasionally, other duties will arise so you must be available to work 7 hours a week.* 

  • Be enthusiastic about working as part of a team toward helping other students be successful in their educational journey.

* Applicants who receive financial aid are responsible for ensuring that they have the capacity to work 7 hours a week for this program.

TAs are expected to do the following:

  • Attend 2 class meetings (Expo and/or lecture, each 75 minutes) per week 

  • Hold Help Center hours (2 hour per week required weekly)

  • Attend weekly meetings with faculty, TA, Grad Student or instructional designer (0.5 hours per week required weekly)

  • Attend TA orientation (TBA)

  • Grade assignments (periodically)

Students in a TA position will earn $12 an hour for the Fall of 2023.

Please contact Prof. Kevin Welch ([email protected]) if you have any questions, using the email subject line "Chem1410 TA Application".


Teaching Assistant PHYS 2010


To be an undergraduate TA for PHYS 2010, you must  

  • Be a current, full-time student at UVA  
  • Be a rising 3rd year or rising 4th year (This qualification is preferred, not required. Rising 2nd year students will be considered.)  
  • Have completed at least two semesters of Physics lectures and laboratories   
  • Have earned grades of B+ or better in both Physics lectures and labs  
  • Have availability in your schedule corresponding to one of the following sections for Phys 2010.   
    • MWF 8-8:50 am
    • MWF 9-9:50 am
    • MWF 10-10:50 am
    • MWF 1-1:50 pm
    • MW 9:30-10:45 am
  • Be able to attend tentative TA training the week of August 14-18 (full time most days, more details to come)

TA responsibilities:

  • Provide support to students working in groups in an active learning classroom format 3 hours per week by assisting/answering questions on the concepts and in solving problems.
  • Hold weekly office hour (1 hour)
  • Provide feedback to students through grading (1 hour per week) 
  • Meet weekly with the entire PHYS 2010 instructional team (to be scheduled)
  • Work with other undergraduate TAs, graduate TAs, instructional faculty and staff as part of a team 

If you have questions about the position, please contact Jency Sundararajan ([email protected]). 

To apply: 

  1. Get an unofficial copy of your transcript (through SIS)  
  2. Fill out an application and upload your documents here:   


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant PHYS1425 or PHYS 2415

Qualification: To be an undergraduate TA for PHYS1425 or PHYS2415, you must

  • Be a current, full-time student at UVA

  • Be a rising 3rd year or rising 4th year (This qualification is preferred, not required. Rising 2nd year students will be considered.)

  • Have completed one semester of PHYS1425 and/or PHYS2415, preferably at UVA and preferably have taken it in the active-learning session

  • Have earned grades of A- or better in the physics lecture course

  • Have availability in your schedule corresponding to one of the lecture sessions each week

  • Be able to attend TA training before the fall semester starts, potentially on Monday August 21st

  • If new to TA team, be able to interview in person prior to semester starts, ideally during the week of August 14th.


TA Responsibilities:

  • Guide in-class active learning session in person during one of the lecture sessions each week.

  • Hold at least one 2-hour office hour block each week, at a time that works for a significant fraction of students.

  • Hold office hour upon request of the instructor(s)

  • Make time for grading and provide feedback to students through grading.

  • Meet weekly with the course instructor(s) and the P2L coach to help review and prepare the curriculum. The meeting schedule will be agreed upon within the first week of the semester.

  • Work with other undergraduate TAs, graduate TAs, and instructional faculty and staff as part of a team.


To apply:

  1. Get an unofficial copy of your transcript and email it to Prof. Zheng.

    • How to find yours:

      • Log in to the SIS Portal

      • Click on "Academics" from side menu

      • Click on "Unofficial Transcript"

      • Choose "Advising Transcript" as Transcript Type from dropdown option

      • Then select the career from the "Career" dropdown option

      • Click "View PDF" button on top right corner

  2. If you have TA’ed for introductory physics lecture course before, contact the instructor you worked for to send a word (or sentence) of recommendation to Prof. Zheng. 

  3. Fill out the application at


Compensation: The position will pay and hourly wage at 5-6 hours per week (single load). Training hours are paid at the same rate.


Application deadline: Applications will be open until filled. No applications will be reviewed before Monday, July 24th, so applications completed before then will receive full consideration.


Note: Due to the continued uncertainty regarding required TA opportunities for graduate students and TA funding, I do not know when final decisions on TA offers will be made or how many position will be available.  The mostly likely time frame is that we will choose candidate in early to mid August and finalize the list before the semester starts.


If you have questions about the position, please contact Xiaochao Zheng (email: [email protected])