P2L (Peer Led Learning)

P2L (Peer Led Learning)


The Georges Student Center offers P2L (Peer Led Learning) to support several large STEM courses. Students enrolled in P2L-supported courses can attend a structured study session each week to practice and review key concepts from class. P2L sessions are facilitated by undergraduate Peer Coaches who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester and have been trained in leading group study sessions. Peer coaches meet regularly with course faculty to decide what material to cover in sessions.  P2L sessions are not lectures. Instead, students work together on activities designed to provide additional practice. We encourage students to attend regularly to get the most out of the program!

For more information, contact Academic Support Program Coordinator Laura Devlin

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Highlights from Fall 2023:
  • There were 4,521 student visits to P2L sessions.
  • 95% of students reported that attending sessions improved their understanding of the course material.
  • 91% of students reported that attending P2L boosted their confidence as a student.

Meet Our Spring 2024 Peer Coaches!